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Friday, October 3, 2014

A Letter From Rango

Last Friday, I worked with a very nice couple on a dog adoption. It wasn't that different from a lot of the adoptions we do. The husband had picked out a dog he was interested in, and put him on hold the day before. On Friday afternoon, he came back with his wife, and their dog they adopted from us a few years ago. No big deal, right?

Well it turns out, the dog they were interested in, had a couple of behavior issues that I was
concerned about. We had a long talk about it, and after they spent a little time alone, they decided that that dog was not the best fit for their family. While they were here, and in the mood to adopt a new member of their pack, I asked if they would be interested in looking at another dog. Enter Rango.

Rango is  a 7 month old Mastiff X. He was a returned adoption. His family had to move and could not take him along. Sadly this happens to lots of dogs and cats who come to shelters. The good news is that Rango is a very well behaved and social dog. His family had done a great job training him and giving him love. I am sure they were heartbroken to have to give him up.
After spending a few minutes with Rango, they decided to try him out with their Lab Bodi. Bodi is around 6 years old, and a great dog himself. I am happy to say, that it was love at first sight. They played together for around 15 minutes and the deal was sealed. Rango had found his new family. The point of this whole story is that this morning, I got an email from Rango. I have copied it below for your enjoyment, as well as attached pictures of him in his new life.

Dear Chris, 

Thank you for placing me in my new home. I really like it here. Bodi is a good big brother and he's fun to climb on. There are lots of toys here and I play a lot.  I've already figured out the dog door and go outside to potty in the fenced yard then come back in to play.  My recall is pretty good and I've been walking off-leash on our 35 acres when it's safe.  I get to sleep on the bed with the pack leaders and that's really cool.  I've started getting cooked chicken, vegetables and applesauce in my puppy food and that's cool too!  Thank you!


I have gotten a lot of emails, letters and cards over the years, but they are usually from the family, not the dog or cat. This really made my day. In a time when we are gearing up for Bark &Wine, and the sewer is backed up, it made me smile and appreciate how much I love the work I do, and the community I live in. Thank you Rango

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