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Monday, March 9, 2015

Another letter from Rango

It's been a while since I have written a post here. I have lots of excuses, but they are just excuses and not worth bringing up. I have written a hundred posts in my head but have not sat down and done one until now. This will be short, but sweet and a nice follow up to my last post.
Rango Learning to Drive!

In my last post I talked about a letter I received from a dog named Rango. Well it seems my four legged buddy has been writing some more, and has learned a few other things. His Dad Keith delivered the letter this morning along with a gift from Rango. The following is Rango's letter to me, accompanied by some pics from his latest adventure. Enjoy!

Rango Getting Some Beer for Chris
"Dear Chris
       I wanted to thank you again for helping me find mu forever home. I like to sit on my new deck and watch the bunnies! I wish the bunnies would play with me but they just run away :( .

But I have been learning to drive! I drove to the liquor store and bought you some Bud Light ( whatever that is ) because Keith and Tanya (Dad and Mom) said you like that. I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks Rango. Once again you have made my day. I promise I will enjoy the Bud Light (after work of course). So glad you found your forever home buddy. I do think you should leave the driving to Mom and Dad.