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Friday, June 28, 2013

Smoke gets in your eyes

Hey everyone, look outside and what do you see. If your in La Plata County right now you see smoke filled skys. The fires burning near South Fork and Pagosa are still raging, and the winds have changed direction and blessed us with all this smoke. Several people have told me today that its burning there eyes, and giving them scratchy throats. The same is true for our dogs and cats. Please consider this when thinking of exercising your dogs, or leaving them outside for the day. Remember they have noses that are at least 400 times more sensitive than ours. Unhealthy air can effect our pets as much as us.

Its also very hot out right now, and this can be a very dangerous time for pets. They need lots of water to drink, and cool shady places to get out of the sun. Cars can be especially deadly for a pet this time of year. Temperatures inside of a car can quickly escalate to 140 degrees and kill a dog within a short time.If you are going to town, and cant take your dog in with you, than they should be left at home.

Exercise is very important for your dog, but should be done when conditions are not extreme. Large dogs are especially in danger when exercising in extreme heat.  Save there runs and walks for early morning, and late evening. It is better to be safe, than lose a beloved four legged companion.

Have a fun and safe Summer