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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Help Us Build a Play Yard

If you haven't heard yet, our annual fundraiser, The Bark & Wine, is coming up on Saturday October 20th. This years event will be highlighted by guest speaker Sergeant Major David Dantzler and his dog Iram, whom he rescued while on a combat tour in Iraq. Aside from this heartwarming story, the focus of the event is to raise money to benefit the animals we care for here at the shelter. Each year we choose a project for the shelter that we need help funding, and the proceeds from the event go to doing just that. In the last two years we have funded the remodeling of our cattery, and our dog isolation unit as the focus for funds raised at the Bark & Wine event.
This year, we hope to raise money for behavior modification  and training for the animals in our care. You will have to attend the event to hear the whole plan, but the main focus will be to raise money for the building of a multi dog play yard.. This play yard will provide a place where as many as 20 dogs may be playing at one time. A chance for them to relieve kennel stress, and improve social skills prior to adoption. Many other shelters are using these yards to increase adoptions, and provide much needed stress relief for the dogs they care for. Here at LPCHS, we like to stay  current with best practices in the sheltering world, and a multi dog play yard will help keeping us on the cutting edge. Most importantly it will help all the wonderful dogs who come through our doors, especially those who need more time to work out the behavioral kinks they may have come with.
The play yard is going to cost us over 15,000 dollars. A few days ago, one of our supporters called me with an offer to help. She said that she wanted to start a pre event pledge drive to get this play yard built. She has graciously offered to do a matching donation of up to 1,000 dollars. So Im asking all of you, to help get this play yard built. Lets do this together, and make a play yard here at the shelter, that the whole community can be proud of. Even if you cant give more than 5 dollars, every little bit will hel. Remember she will match every dollar up to the first 1,000 so please give if you can, and please join us at the Bark & Wine on October 20th. follow the link below, to make a donation for the play yard, and thanks for your support of LPCHS.